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40 Acres & A Future

The 40 Acres & A Future Program is our giving program designed to directly fund Black activists, leaders, change makers, healers, and community members using proceeds from Phoenix Fighter subscriptions. 

Each month, starting in July 2018, recipients will be chosen at random from our pool of applicants based on funds raised from that month's subscriptions to receive one-time financial awards.

40 Acres & A Future gifts are for activists, organizers, and community members who are Black and who identify as women, trans, gender non-conforming, non-binary, agender, or femmes working towards the liberation of Black people. Those who meet the basic requirements are encouraged to apply. Applicants will go through a basic verification process.

Gift amounts and number of recipients will be based on active subscriptions and direct donations each month. As a general practice, recipients are never required to disclose their gift amount to anyone for any reason, but they are free to do so at their own discretion. We do not control how recipients use financial gifts, and believe Black people are the best stewards of their own reparations funds.

If you are interested in supporting 40 Acres & A Future, the best way is to subscribe to The Phoenix Fighter. We also accept one-time donations.

If you are a Black person interested in applying to receive an award from our 40 Acres & A Future Program, please fill out this form.


Want to give resources directly to aid in the fight for Black Liberation?

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