Official Statement Regarding the Content for The Phoenix Fighter

It has been brought to my attention that there is a rumor going around that I “stole content” from Safety Pin Box to be used in The Phoenix Fighter. This is not the case. 

I was the sole content creator for the written content for Safety Pin Box with the exception of one media task, the SPB groups curriculum that included my original content, and the few months where I worked with contributors who were credited directly in the content itself.

That includes both physical and digital content across all subscriptions as well. As we all know, SPB is no more, and its content has been retired along with the company. 

I have created new content for The Phoenix Fighter, and will continue to create new content as this initiative grows. As always, I remain focused on the work of Black Liberation, and look forward to making new strides in teaching effective allyship to those who are willing to do the work. 

— Marissa